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Sustainable agriculture and food security are two very important issues that affect us all.  Sustainable agriculture protects the environment, preserves open space, and provides fresh, locally-grown food for communities.  Locally-grown food reduces the need for long-range transportation of varieties hybridized to ripen after harvest and survive shipping. 

Food security involves access to healthy food on a daily basis.  Nearly 13% of US households suffer from food insecurity.  Associated with low incomes, food insecurity contributes to significant health inequities, especially among children who lack the nutrition necessary to thrive. 

A model that addresses both of these issues has been adopted in many areas of the country.  Funds donated to a non-profit are used to purchase CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares from local farmers.  The produce in the shares is donated to a local food bank or pantry serving people in need. 

Share for a Share is Topsfield’s way of contributing to sustainable agriculture and food security.  Donations to the Topsfield Community Partnership will be used to purchase shares from local farms.  The resulting produce will be donated to Tri-Town food pantries and Haven from Hunger in Peabody.  We will be helping to support local farms and feed our neighbors in need.  Click here to donate to "Share for a Share" through the Topsfield Community Partnership.

The existing Produce for the Pantry program encourages local gardeners to contribute their excess produce to the yield from the Congregational Church’s garden.  All of the produce is taken to Haven from Hunger for their food pantry and communal meals program.  We encourage Topsfield’s  “hobby farmers” and home gardeners to plant a bit more this year so there will be additional produce for this program.  

This initiative brings together a number of groups in the wider community who are committed to sustainable agriculture and food security in our area: the Topsfield Agricultural Commission, Topsfield Community Partnership, the COA Inter-generationnal garden, First Light Farm, Iron Ox Farm, Valley View Farm, and the Congregational Church of Topsfield. 

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