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Home Gardens


You don't have to be a farmer to grow food for your family.  Home gardens - small or large or even in containers on your patio are very rewarding.  Children especially love to plant seeds and watch plants grow and produce veggies.  

It is very easy to start a garden in your back yard either directly in the ground or in raised beds that can be constructed out of a variety of materials.  The Lincoln Agricultural Commission offers a very handy guide to get started.  There are many local resources for Topsfield gardeners.  The Essex County Coop has loam, compost, and all sorts of garden supplies.  The Coop and Dawson's stock seeds that are also available through many reliable on-line seed companies.  Seedlings are widely available at nurseries and through the Topsfield Garden Club and other organizations.

It is worth noting that COVID and the supply chain issues have delayed stocking of many items.  Check with distributors to see what is in stock.


Home garden with corn, tomatoes, squash,

and cucumbers.

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